What if chronic disease didn’t have to be chronic?

Restoring Autoimmune Health gives you the plan + the support you need to feel better

This is the place for you if you want:

  • A holistic approach that takes into account more than just food – it’s about you and your experience
  • A personalized nutrition plan tailored to your autoimmune experience so that you can finally feel better
  • A plan that prioritizes a shift in your relationship with food so you can begin to feel empowered by the choices you make
  • Less confusion and more clarity and connection
  • Support – you don’t want to go through this alone

Working with nutrition can change the course of your health journey

What clients are saying:

Katie helped me by creating a simple and step by step plan to get my diet to a place that was healthy. She didn’t ask me to change anything too suddenly and gave me great strategies to eliminate or reduce unhealthy foods in my diet.

Katie met me where I was and worked at a pace that was good for me. She took into consideration my diet choices and made me a meal plan that had alternatives to my favourite foods that were healthier and autoimmune friendly. Katie quickly answered all of my questions by email and during our meetings. She had many resources for me about cooking or eating out.

- Kait B.

Registered Nurse

Let’s make a plan!


The Starter Plan

This is for you if you’re curious about using nutrition to feel better and want the tools and support to get started. It’s about getting the lay of the land and learning your way around.


The Foundation Plan

We can get you started in 1 month, but it takes more time and support to build a solid foundation. This is for you if you’re ready to dive deeper or have had some previous experience with nutrition.

We can (and we should) question how we approach the care and treatment of chronic conditions