What if chronic disease didn’t have to be chronic?

Restoring Autoimmune Health gives you the plan + the support you need to feel better

This is the place for you if you want:

  • A holistic approach that takes into account more than just food – it’s about you and your experience
  • A personalized nutrition plan tailored to your autoimmune experience so that you can finally feel better
  • A plan that prioritizes a shift in your relationship with food so you can begin to feel empowered by the choices you make
  • Less confusion and more clarity and connection
  • Support – you don’t want to go through this alone

Working with nutrition can change the course of your health journey

What clients are saying:

Katie is AMAZING — she listens and takes note how you’re doing, and creates meal plans and supplement routines tailored to you and what you need. I’ve benefitted HUGELY from the past six months of working with Katie: my swelling and symptoms have drastically reduced and I’m on my way to remission, and I’ve kicked my food addictions to cheese and bread, which were huge issues in my path to health that I wasn’t able to give up until recently. Katie’s support and expertise is truly what I needed — she knows so much about nutrition science, and her recommendations actually help!

Working with Katie far exceeded my expectations! In January, I was feeling weak and lightheaded and my swelling and inflammation was out of control. Now, I’m feeling way more strong and nourished, and I’m able to design a healthy eating and lifestyle routine that supports me in what I need. Katie is a critical part of my ongoing recovery!


Katie’s knowledge of supplements and what foods will help heal you was a key learning experience for me. it helped me understand what would work best to offset medication side effects and help heal my body. Without her expert guidance and knowledge, I wouldn’t have been able to get a handle on my disease.


I highly recommend working with Katie — she’ll help you identify both the lifestyle and dietary changes you need to make to feel so much better and heal the root causes of your disease.

- Amy Suto

I am deeply grateful to Katie. She has made a tremendous impact on my life and my well-being in a way that is absolutely priceless.


I had actual improvement in my symptoms a few months in and gained the tools to manage them in the long term.


I would highly recommend Katie for anyone with an autoimmune disease who is willing to put in a lot of work and effort into managing their disease.

- Shruti

I spoke to many nutritionists and Katie was really the perfect match for me and I am so happy that I went with her!

I found the sessions incredibly beneficial and came away with a better understanding of inflammatory foods and how to eat for my personal body. 

[She] exceeded my expectations. I have spent the last three years working with different types of healers and nutritionists to help me through my autoimmune journey and as I enter a maintenance phase, it was very difficult to find a great nutritionist who was willing to truly teach what they know rather than blindly prescribe and Katie spent time teaching. She spent a long time explaining the qualities of food and vitamins and what is needed for my personal autoimmune disease. 

I would absolutely recommend Katie to everyone with an autoimmune disease! Katie is the guiding light that brings you to the path of information.

- Allie Tickin

Occupational Therapist

Katie helped me by creating a simple and step by step plan to get my diet to a place that was healthy. She didn’t ask me to change anything too suddenly and gave me great strategies to eliminate or reduce unhealthy foods in my diet.

Katie met me where I was and worked at a pace that was good for me. She took into consideration my diet choices and made me a meal plan that had alternatives to my favourite foods that were healthier and autoimmune friendly. Katie quickly answered all of my questions by email and during our meetings. She had many resources for me about cooking or eating out.

- Kait B.

Registered Nurse

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The Restoring Autoimmune Health Solution

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This is for you if you’re ready to dive deep and do the work to restore to your autoimmune health

We can (and we should) question how we approach the care and treatment of chronic conditions