People who work with me want to:

  • Gain control over their symptoms
  • Have enough energy to focus on their health
  • Develop a tool box to use when they need to feel better
  • Feel empowered instead of overwhelmed

It’s important to me that you know this isn’t unattainable – these are realistic goals and I can help you achieve them.

When you work with me, you get an extensive assessment, an individualized plan, 1:1 sessions, and easy-to-incorporate tools to help you succeed.

We’ll dig deep into your journey with your autoimmune condition.

We tailor YOUR plan to YOUR needs.

You’ll receive meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle tips so that you can start making nutritional changes, not sacrifices.

Restoring Autoimmune Health is the plan + the support you need to start feeling better now

Let’s make your plan and get you feeling better!

I will help you get started right away and avoid the overwhelm and confusion that comes with living with an autoimmune disorder.


The Restoring Autoimmune Health Solution

16 Weeks of 1:1 Support 

This is for you if you’re ready to dive deep and do the work to restore to your autoimmune health


  • Session 1: Assess your health history (1.5 hour consultation)
  • Session 2: Go over your Foundation Plan, tailored to your needs and goals (30 minute consultation)
  • Follow-up sessions  every 2 weeks, designed to take you one step further with your plan
  • An in-depth, individualized plan that incorporates nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to help you learn more, know more, change more
  • Professional supplements available through my online dispensary (ships throughout North America)
  • Email support throughout the entire 4 months* – immediate guidance, stop googling and get the answer right away
  • 7 Full Weeks of tailored meal plans (to help guide you through your own personalized nutrition journey)
  • Tools to help you dive into the transition, including hormone regulation, gut-healing, and detox support
  • Functional testing can also be added to your plan (including Comprehensive gut testing, DNA testing for nutrition, and Hormone testing)

*Response within 24 hours. Allow 48 hours on the weekend (5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, unless otherwise discussed)

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What clients are saying:

After a Covid illness, my autoimmune markers increased for both Sjogrens and Scleroderma and my flares left me in pain and extremely fatigued. I ran low grade fevers, with relentless fatigue, stomach issues as well as painful joints. This went on for months. I was searching for alternatives to the harsh meds that doctors were now prescribing for me which had terrible side effects. I found Katie’s site which drew my attention because, she too, has autoimmune. I decided to give her a try and this was truly my lucky day.


I benefited tremendously from our sessions. Each time, Katie listened attentively getting as much medical history as possible and truly understanding my situation and life style. Katie customized my meal plan with tasty and easy recipes.


I was overweight and lost over 30 pounds. With follow up sessions we addressed issues around iron deficiency and stress. Just talking to Katie eased my anxiety as we reviewed the benefit of meditation and the whole notion of body and mind connection. Flares became less intense and many of my issues around fatigue and stomach issues have improved tremendously. 


The most useful part of the sessions were the detailed explanation of how certain foods react in our bodies and how supplements can truly help lessen the symptoms as well as get to the cause of autoimmune disorders and chronic pain.


Katie is easy to talk too, a great listener and the follow-up detailed reports are phenomenal. I truly look forward to more sessions as we move towards optimum health and restoration.


- Maryann

Katie is AMAZING — she listens and takes note how you’re doing, and creates meal plans and supplement routines tailored to you and what you need. I’ve benefitted HUGELY from the past six months of working with Katie: my swelling and symptoms have drastically reduced and I’m on my way to remission, and I’ve kicked my food addictions to cheese and bread, which were huge issues in my path to health that I wasn’t able to give up until recently. Katie’s support and expertise is truly what I needed — she knows so much about nutrition science, and her recommendations actually help!

Katie’s knowledge of supplements and what foods will help heal you was a key learning experience for me. it helped me understand what would work best to offset medication side effects and help heal my body. Without her expert guidance and knowledge, I wouldn’t have been able to get a handle on my disease.

- Amy Suto

I am deeply grateful to Katie. She has made a tremendous impact on my life and my well-being in a way that is absolutely priceless.

I had actual improvement in my symptoms a few months in and gained the tools to manage them in the long term.

I would highly recommend Katie for anyone with an autoimmune disease who is willing to put in a lot of work and effort into managing their disease.

- Shruti

Katie’s knowledge and expertise helped to identify root causes of my symptoms. Her caring nature provided a safe space to begin my healing journey.

- N. R.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars searching for answers.

With my 1:1 coaching support you get access to the plan and support I wish I had when I first started my healing journey.


You don’t need to research endlessly to figure out what direction is right for you.

I’ll lead the way and I’ll tailor the road map to your needs.

So, let’s make a plan to restore your health!

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